School ipad scheme – important up-date

A high number of student iPads are being returned to the Edutech workshop with damaged screens. Our insurers are now implementing a £50 excess to any claims for broken screens where a screen protector is not applied to the device. 

Parents will be liable to pay this excess if screen protectors are not applied. 

If you do not have a screen protector please ask crew leaders who can access these from school admins. 

Screen protectors and devices form part of our crew equipment check process so this is the responsibility of staff, students and parents to ensure devices are appropriately protected.

Day #1 Year 6 Residential

After a reasonably short journey, Year 6 arrived at Kingswood for 3pm for their tour of the grounds and a briefing for their stay here. The first challenge that awaited them was an intimidating one for some: making their beds!

Perplexed faces, an abundance of questions and head scratching filled each room before all beds were finally made. All groups then participated in one activity before dinner; in group eight’s case, bouldering was our first official challenge of the stay.

Many greeted the news of dinner with jubilation: chicken, chips and a choice of salad followed by jam doughnuts for dessert. The children then enjoyed a briefing around one of Kingswood’s campfires.

The mini olympics was the children’s final activity of the night offering a chance for competition and humour, two of the events being an impressions race and how far can you scream before you have to take a breath!

How our heart works!

This morning 5EG welcomed Curtis, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, who captivated the class with his knowledge of the circulatory system.

He told us how your lifestyle and diet choices affect your health in the long-term, and can cause a range of illnesses.

We even used a stethoscope to listen to our hearts (once we managed to find them!)

A Royal Celebration

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee 3LG have been working really hard to learn March of the Golden Guards on the recorder. 3LG have worked really hard since February half term in their weekly recorder lesson, learning lots of new notes, discovering how to read music, practicing different songs and finding out about rhythm and beat.

3LG fieldwork at Brodsworth Hall

Last week 3LG went on our fieldwork to Brodsworth Hall. We spent the day exploring the gardens, following the statue trail and viewing the house. The children asked lots of amazing questions about Brodsworth Hall and Peter Thellusson and as a result found out lots of exciting facts.

3LG were a credit to the school and numerous members of the public approached myself and Mrs Gracey to tell us how well behaved and polite the children were. They were a great representation of our school and all did themselves proud.

4TE’s Trip to Brodsworth Hall!

At the start of this week, 4TE took a trip down to Brodsworth Hall to explore more details about our expedition, ‘Why is Sugar Not So Sweet’. We all had a brilliant time exploring the hall and gardens and speaking to some experts about this fantastic building steeped in history! Above is a video of some of the pictures from our trip, and below are the photos used in the video, plus a few extra ones, 4TE hope you enjoy!


For Flexible Friday Crew 5EG asked to make pizzas, and I couldn’t say no! So this morning everyone helped to make a wrap pizza, vegetables were available!


For P.E this week, 6CC received some cricket training ahead of the second summer term. The warm up focused on heightening their alertness and reaction times ahead of a smaller game; we certainly have a high number of competitive individuals in Year 6!

Looking at developing their bowling and batting skills, the children moved onto a small, four-sided game, where all had a chance to show their stuff with a cricket ball and bat; following this, the class was then split into two teams for a class quick cricket match in the sun.