Doncaster Museum


This week Year 5 have been focusing on negative numbers in Maths and have supported each other through some tricky challenges. Even though they were playing a board game, so there was a hint of competition, the children proved they were Crew! They listened to their partner, supported each other when they needed it, and encouraged each other to have a go. Well done 5EG!

A sprinkle of magic!

The y5 cohort experienced a magical day at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour! From the moment we arrived, the children were immersed in the captivating world of Harry Potter: learning about the filming process, exploring the film sets, costumes, and even partaking in a game of Quidditch!

A day at Doncaster Museum

Last week year 3 got the chance to visit the brand new Doncaster Museum. After the excitement of travelling on a coach, the children had the opportunity to take part in a fantastic Roman workshop. During the workshop, the children dressed up as Romans and Celts, handled 2000 year old artefacts, designed Roman mosaics and even played Roman board games. After the workshop, we got the opportunity to explore the rest of the museum, with the children taking a particular liking to the interactive art!

The children represented the school wonderfully, and I received lots of lovely feedback from members of the public about how polite and respectful the children had been as they were going around the museum. Well done 3LG!

Down to Doncaster!

Today, Year 4 ventured down to Doncaster Museum to continue learning all about the Romans! The children not only demonstrated their brilliant knowledge about the Romans, but they were also taught new information by an expert and were also able to examine and interact with lots of different Roman artefacts. Alongside this, the children were able to explore all the different areas of the museum as well. As a result, the children today not only expanded their Roman knowledge, but also their knowledge all about the local area and beyond! A great day was had by all!

Visit to Doncaster Museum!

A truly fantastic time was had by all during our year group trip to the rather impressive and recently opened, Doncaster Museum. Here, the children participated in an array of activities such as workshops, scavenger hunts and expert talks about all things Roman. I must also add that the staff were very welcoming, our children represented their school and families with great maturity doing us all proud in the process. Indeed, I would recommend – in fact urge – any Doncaster patron or those living beyond our borders to experience this superb, free resource that is just on our doorstep. Lovely stuff.

➖Negative numbers!

After finishing their unit on place value and rounding, 6CC and 6SO explored negative numbers through the medium of a very frustrating ladder climbing game. The tension between the pairs was palpable as the luck of the dice mostly favoured one or none!

Expert Visitor!

The Magic of Harry Potter!

What a magical day Year 5 had at the Harry Potter Studios! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and were engaged, enthusiastic and mezmerised by the props and special effects. From evading giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest to walking the cobble stones of Diagon Alley, fun was had by everyone!