XP Trust Holiday Pattern Consultation

Thank you for your feedback regarding the future holiday pattern that was shared with you on Friday 5th February. We appreciate and understand the concerns raised by some of you. You are invited to give your feedback about a new proposed calendar. Please follow the link below to the XP Trust Holiday Pattern Consultation page, where you will find a letter from Gwyn ap Harri, the CEO of XP Trust and a Google Form for you to complete. Thank you.


My first Tudor execution!

WC 8.1.21

Last week, Year 6 explored crimes and punishments that occurred in the Tudor era: from beheadings to being hung, drawn and quartered, it’s safe to say things are a lot better now!

6CC began by imagining what a first day on the job for one of King Henry VIII’s executioners might be like. Take a look at their letters to the King below!

Rihanna’s letter to King Henry VIII
Matilda’s letter to King Henry VIII
Emily’s letter to King Henry VIII

Lately, we have also taken time to enjoy the flurries of snow, both in school and away. We have even had a few snow sculptures created over the past few weeks!

Wonderful writing

This week, the children have been writing their own stories inspired by the novel, ‘Street Child’. After looking at extracts from the original story, the children then used these and their own ideas and imagination to conjure up their own. The standard of writing during this period of remote learning as been nothing short of outstanding and it is clear that maximum effort and thought has gone into ensuring the writing produced is of a quality standard. Below is a selection of the children’s writing which I am sure you will agree echos the statements I have mentioned. Very well done to ALL of you for your hard work during this half term. Keep working hard, getting smart and most importantly being kind to one another.

A loud tapping noise came from the direction of the staircase. Someone was banging noisily as they made their way up the stairs towards the room where the children had been sleeping. The children woke up in fright as they realised who the noise was coming from. “It’s the Stick Man!” whispered Emily as her face turned white with fear and her eyes got wider. Just as the children realised who their terrible visitor was, the door slammed open and in stomped a shadowy figure. The children scrambled to their feet and ran to protect their mother who was sick and sleeping on the floor. In walked Mr. Spink, who was the owner of the house. He walked proudly into the room and stopped to catch his breath, which wheezed and cracked. He growled at the children “Where’s my rent money?” The children gasped and didn’t say a word.”

As soon as Jim woke up, all he could think of is when Mr Spink will be coming for the rent. So after breakfast, Jim went out looking for work because during the night that’s all that he could think of.  Over the road, furiously stud Mr Spink. Very slowly, Jim walked over the road to him. “Please help me!” whispered Jim. “Can you give me a job cleaning your chimney so I can pay you the rent money? As you know my mum is very sick and can’t work. “Hurry up then boy!” shouted Mr spink. Inside the dreadful chimney, Jim was so upset and felt sick. When he got home, he looked at his hands and knees and they were so red and scratched.

Jim’s mum could see in the children’s eyes that they were scared. She felt helpless that she could not help because she was so ill in bed.  They could all see that Mr Spink was starting to get angrier, “I am starting to get impatient.” he shouted at the top of his voice. “Have you got my money or not?” Jim explained that they did not have the money right now and begged for a few more days to get it together. “Please Mr Spink, please may we have a few more days.” Jim pleaded. Mr Spink was not happy but said, “I do not know why but i will give you some more time. I will be back in a few days.” Jim looked at his mum and sister and saw how much better they looked. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do to get the money but he knew they had to do something fast.

The next morning Jim set off really early in hope that someone would feel sorry for him. Hours passed by and Jim was still sitting in the cold, wet street. Suddenly a tall man appeared in front of him. He was a scruffy looking man, covered in dust and black soot. “Do you want a job boy?” asked the man. “There is some work to do down the mines.”  Jim shot to his feet. “Yes please!” he said excitedly. Jim followed the man down the mines. The job was very hard work, it was so hot and dusty Jim could hardly breathe. He was relieved when the day was over. “Come back tomorrow morning, 5 o’ clock sharp!” yelled the man. Jim ran home to tell his mother the good news. “I got a job working down the mines!” said Jim with excitement. “I am so proud of you my boy. We finally have the money to pay Mr Spink!” said his mother happily.


Dear parents and carers,

Thank you for your feedback about our school term calendar for next year. We are going to resolve the issues raised by consulting about our school calendar with you all, so that your voice is rightly heard and valued. The details will appear on this website shortly.

If you have any other issues that you would like to resolve, please could you contact us separately on the school’s admin email and we will deal with them appropriately.