Community, Crafts, and Cake!

4TE finished off a fantastic first half-term with an action-packed fun-filled day! Firstly, the whole school had a brilliant opportunity to plant some trees alongside the school field. Crew Edwards and Crew West relished this unique experience and had a terrific time planting and naming their trees. In years to come as the children grow older and even when they leave NJS, they will be able to walk alongside the school and spot the very same trees that they planted today. After this, the children got to create some Halloween themed crafts. Spooky spiders and ghoulish ghosts were haunting the classroom this morning, it was a spooky time indeed! Finally, the children had been very busy at home and had baked an incredible amount of treats. There were cakes, biscuits, cookies, flapjacks, you name it, it was there! 4TE got to snack on their treats and we shared the goods with the rest of the school as well. It was a magnificent way to conclude a brilliant day and start to term. I’d like to finally thank everyone in 4TE for such a fantastic start to the year. I hope everyone has a great couple weeks and we shall see you soon!

One…Hundred Trees at a Time!

What an amazing day and way to finish our final week of the half term! We had 100 trees to plant and 240 very willing and enthusaistic children. The video below shares our story (we had 10 extra trees delivered on the day btw) and captures the essence of the project. A massive thank you is reserved to all our volunteers from both within school and the wider community – it really was a gargantuan effort to get the trees in the ground during 1 school day. Have a great half-term everyone.

Welcome to the Workhouse!

The children of 5EG were transported back 250 years to the time of the Industrial Revolution this morning. In true Victorian style we set the children to work immediately; they were scrubbing tables, cleaning up spillages, darning socks and making bread and butter pudding. The children really got into their roles and enjoyed learning by immersing themselves in the experience.

Let us be your guide!

5 Guides

In the summer term of 2021, the Y3/4 phase team embarked on a quite wonderful Expedition: Take a Walk on the Wild Side.  Here, we endeavoured to take both our children and staff outdoors: reconnecting with nature and appreciating the beauty of our world beyond the confines of our homes which the population had been subject to for large periods of time during the pandemic. 

Expeditions are always underpinned by purposeful and meaningful learning, and after all we had endured as a school and community, never before did an expedition carry such purpose in our mind’s eye. The learning outcomes were outstanding and have culminated in a quite fabulous product that landed in school this week.  Understandably, our children and staff are equally excited to unwrap the guides and see the beautiful work that has been produced.   We have had nearly 100 copies that have been pre-ordered with still enough left for anyone who would like to purchase one for just £10.  These can be picked up for the office or paid for on parent pay.

So we now have the walking guides and a whole bunch of children who are super enthusiastic about getting outdoors. Time to go for a stroll….

Gory Gladiators

This week, 3HJ have had the pleasure of learning all about the gruesome lives of Roman gladiators. We have discovered many horrifying facts ranging from fighting with wild animals to women slaves also being thrown in to the colosseum to battle. We have been fully immersed in this new learning which kicked off with a ‘Silent Conversation’ where the children had to decide whether a whole host of facts were true or false. Children then learnt about the the different types of armour and how they were trained at school for battles. It has been wonderful to see everyone so engaged in their learning. Well done 3HJ! Now …… let’s do battle!

Harry Kane watch your back!

3LG have been honing their football skills this week in PE, working on their dribbling, passing and shooting. They have been working really hard on controlling the ball and working together as a team. The children worked both on their own to develop their ball skills and in groups to coach each other’s technique with the ball.

Roman Army Experts!

4TE were very busy today demonstrating all of their knowledge of the Roman Army! Alongside the knowledge they already held, the children had to create an anchor chart which would show all of the new information about the Roman army which they had learnt today. What came as a result of this, was numerous amounts of fantastic, informative and visually eye-catching pieces of work. Some children even chose to stay in at break time to work on their anchor charts instead of going out! A brilliant time was had by all.

What’s the locomotion?

6CC have been thrown into the shoes of historians this week, delving into the history and development of locomotives. Their research has spanned from the Victorian era all the way to present day with their intention being to produce a fact file, either on Google Docs or Slides, to educate the rest of the school and wider community about our expedition. Stay tuned for more info on their creations!

Amazing historians!

5EG have spent the week conducting their own research into the history of trains and the industrial revolution. They have discovered amazing facts about key engineers such as Sir Nigel Gresley and George Stephenson, and the impact that Doncaster itself had on the development of trains. Great teamwork!