Expert Visitor!

The Magic of Harry Potter!

What a magical day Year 5 had at the Harry Potter Studios! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and were engaged, enthusiastic and mezmerised by the props and special effects. From evading giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest to walking the cobble stones of Diagon Alley, fun was had by everyone!


Wow what an amazing day Year 6 had at Harry Potter Studios. The pupils were enthusiastic, beautifully behaved and really did NJS proud. We saw a whole array of magical wonders from flying motorbikes and fire-breathing dragons to gigantic spiders and a goblin bank! It was a truly magical day!

A very Roman visit from Ronulus

Rewind some 2000 years and 3HJ found themselves in Roman Britain! What a wonderful day we had learning all about the Roman way of life from a huge selection of artefacts including children’s toys, coins and jewellery. The children got so much from a hands on learning approach and we’re amazed to discover how Ronulus spent his time!
Check out the amazing costumes too!

Scientific Enquiry

There’s no better way to delve into a scientific investigation than by getting your hands dirty, which the children learnt this afternoon. The pupils completed small group work to explore the difference between reversible and irreversible reactions with some messy results!

Relentless fun with Roman Ron

Today Year 3 were transported back in time to Roman Britain. The children dressed up as Romans and even had a visit from Roman Ron. They spent the morning learning all about roman artefacts, from children’s toys and games to parts of a wall! This afternoon the children then took part in a “Roman Army Workshop”, where they learned to march and stand to attention like the Roman Army. We think y3 look amazing in the Roman armour, even if the helmets were a little big!

Representing Numbers

3HJ have had their heads in the game this week and have made an awesome start to their maths work. The beautiful weather has enabled us to to take lots of our learning outside. Today Children challenged each other to represent a range of numbers in many different ways. Here we are using Base 10. Super learning on a super morning!

A Special Visitor!

This week Year 4 had a very special visitor in the form of a Roman called Ronulus! The children got to see and learn all about Roman weaponry and artifacts, even being able to handle some of them! This, alongside the children being dressed in Roman attire meant Year 4 had transported back 2000 years for the day! The children got to demonstrate some of the military strategies they had learnt from Ronulus using the shields they had made last week. NJS really had turned into Ancient Rome for the day!

We are Crew!

This week 5EG have been getting to know each other and enjoying different activities in Crew. Lots of collaborative working and wand making! They have been supporting each other in a maths treasure hunt, learning new sports skills with help from Doncaster Rovers, and having some time away from the sun reading a book!