We’re looking for an EYFS and Phonics Lead at Norton Infants!

There is a great opportunity for you to become our Leader of the EYFS Phase and Whole School Phonics Lead at our extraordinary school, Norton Infant School. We need someone to further design and creatively develop the Early Years Foundation Stage, working with an expert Team of EYFS leads from across the Trust.

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Academic calendar 2021/22 – Consultation Outcome

Following on from the academic calendar consultation you were invited to engage in before half term, I am pleased to inform you that the Option 3 calendar for 2021/22 has been agreed and ratified by the XP School Trust directors today. 
Please find a copy of the Option 3 calendar for 2021/22 here.

Thank you

Andrea Tunney

4KC’s puppet show finale

Super proud of 4KC for all their efforts throughout our final case study. This afternoon we had an amazing puppet show! They showcased their incredible hand made puppets in their very own plays. What a show it was!

Puppets are complete!

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been working hard on finishing their puppets. It has been a challenging task to get done but the children have demonstrated resilience when finding things difficult, supporting others when they need help and working together as a team. The puppets look fantastic so well done to all the children in Y3!

Perfect Pop Art!

Year 6 have been super busy this week completing their pop art pictures of emergency services heroes ready to go on our posters which will be displayed in Co-op in Askern and Morrison’s on York Road! Here is just a small selection of 6SO’s creations. We think you’ll agree they are outstanding!

Headteacher at Norton Junior School

Dear Community 
After a rigorous recruitment process we are delighted to say that Miss Tunney has accepted our offer to be the new Headteacher of Norton Junior School, alongside her role as Headteacher of Norton Infant School. The Local Governing Committee, Staff Panel and Executive Team were unanimous in their decision to appoint Miss Tunney. Miss Tunney will continue to lead her wider leadership team to further improve Crew, Expeditions and High quality student work. 
We are all very excited to see how Miss Tunney will drive improvement across both schools. 
Well done Miss Tunney

Neil Butler

Executive Principal The XP School Trust

What makes a hero?

After learning about the Pop Art movement in the 1960s, our children have been busy creating some eye-catching Pop Art pieces, based on the professions of the experts that visited us last week. The pupils have worked extremely hard to ensure their work is vibrant, bold and exciting. Here is a small selection of their beautiful work.

A selection of our final pieces

Stitch Up!

Expeditionary DT. So, as part of our learning, we have watched, analysed and evaluated a number of Punch and Judy Plays from yesteryear as per our Expedition: ‘A child through time.’ Following this, we have wrote our own play scripts and designed hand puppets that can be used to perform them. As a consequence, we have been working hard on our sewing skills in preparation for stitching together the front and back of our hand puppets along with all of the little additions that they have (yes, Judy does have a slapstick). Here are some lovely photos that show Crew 4GC hard at it…

Top-class angling!

This week, year 6 have been investigating the different types of angles. 6CC especially enjoyed the angles game where player 1 asked player 2 to draw an angle using only a whiteboard pen and ruler. Depending on how far away their drawing was, player 1 might win points the closer their estimate was to their target angle. Lots of competition and smiles this week!

Sew, sew, sew and away we go, go, go!

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been working hard designing their own puppets. They have created their own character based on the famous puppet show, Punch and Judy, practiced cutting materials accurately and attempting to sew a running stitch. The children have pushed through the challenges that come with a task like this and demonstrated that together every one achieves more.