Cardinal points and using a compass

This week 3HJ have been looking at how compasses work and learning how to use them correctly.

We spent time orientating the compass to find the cardinal points. Finally, we planned a route using directions across the playground.

A tricky concept but we all did so well!


6SO have been working hard to produce some beautiful observational sketches of cameras over the past few weeks. Here are just a few of the amazing final sketches and we think you’ll agree, they are outstanding! These beautiful drawings will feature as part of a calendar that Year 5 and 6 are creating based on their current expedition ‘Photographs that changed the world’. The calendar will be professionally printed and available to buy at Christmas time so watch this space!

Meet the creatures!

To launch our first term’s expedition all about mini beasts, we had a mini beast expert visit NJS. She bought in a variety of creepy crawlies from across the globe for the children to look at and handle. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which was had by all!

At the beginning of our expedition, we had some ‘special guests’ visit NJS…