Pop art by Andy Warhol

This week, year 3 have been studying pop art by inspirational artist Andy Warhol. We completed a gallery walk, making praises and wonders about some of his most iconic pieces. As you can see, we also had a go at creating our very own pop art pictures using sweets and sugar as inspiration. Check out the vibrant colours and the attention to detail. Great job 3HJ!

Sweet Tasting Connoisseurs!

This week, in preparation for creating our own sweet treat, 4TE became connoisseurs, reviews and critics of exisiting sweet products to see what qualities of different products we liked, and maybe didn’t like, to influence our own future creations! It was a lovely break in the midst of test week where everybody focussed and applied themselves to their best abilities! In the same week, we took part in a number of TTRockstar Rock Battles where against strong opposition, we triumphed against the might of Year 6 alongside our fellow Year 4 class, 4GC. What a super week we have had!

The heart and the circulatory system

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been learning all about the body’s circulatory system. We have been reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ in English lessons, have written scientific reports explaining how the heart works and have created some oil pastel artwork of the heart as you’ve never seen it before!

Terrific Tessellation!

6CC began the in a creative manner, designing their own shapes to then create a repeating pattern or ‘tessellation’, inspired by the work of M. Escher – a famous dutch artist and mathematician. Over the course of the next four days, our crew will be completing their design and then combining them to create a giant tessellation consisting of uniquely different patterns!

🍭 Sweet Tasting 🍭

Last week, 3HJ enjoyed spending the afternoon testing a range of different kind of sweets as part of our market research to decide which sweets were popular and which weren’t a hit. Haribo Tangfastics seems to get the seal of approval based on qualities such as appearance, taste and texture. Surprisingly, my favourite – jelly babies – came out quite low!

Product testing in 3LG

Yesterday we had a blast in 3LG as we spent the afternoon testing a range of different sweets. As we go into case study 3, where we will be making our very own sweets, it would have been rude to not do any product testing. We tried everything from flying saucers to strawberry laces and marshmallows to Haribos, discussing what we liked about their appearance taste and texture.

A True TTRockstar!

Today marks the first day of June. Why is this noteworthy? Well last month, a certain member of 4TE showed extreme dedication and effort to play TimesTablesRockstars every single day last month during May! This mighty achievement was achieved by Jack Jepson and he deserves a huge shout out here! So fantastic effort Jack on completing that challenge! Jack is brilliant at his times tables and commitment such as this is proof as to why he’s learnt his tables so well, great work Jack!