4GC Litter Art

Over time, our lovely little litter pickers have collected a barage of household waste from in an around the community. Not only have we recycled or disposed of it, we have tried to raise awareness regarding the impact it has on animals all around the world. Just check out this amazing artwork produced by our pupils by layering snipped images of the rubbish to create something quite catching – very much in the style of environmental artist Mandy Barker.

Year 5 Geographers!

After taking part in a gallery walk of photographs taken from the local area, our year 5 geographers were able to distinguish clearly between human and physical features and explain how the latter has influenced the former. They are then going to build on this learning next week by creating a model land form and using the physical features of the land to inform their human settlements and land use. Super work year 5!

Amazing Artwork!

Last week 5EG created some amazing pieces of artwork. In order to create this beautiful work they had to work collaboratively in a small group and show resilience when faced with the challenge. I think you can agree that the outcome is brilliant! Well done!

🌎Tropical Triumph!

Rocking Rainforest

6CC finished their immersive rainforest display this week, giving the full effect of a dense and diverse environment. All the children worked in groups to collectively create a bright canopy layer for our class animal: the Glaucous Maccaw.

Feeling hot! Hot! Hot!

Diving into the canopy, year 6 have begun exploring the equator and the tropics and how they provide the optimum conditions for growing rainforests. Wednesday featured a research lesson where 6CC learned about the accelerated water cycle of the tropics and the role they play in hydrating the Earth’s rainforests.

Has Doncaster changed over time?

This week, during expedition lessons, we have been discovering how human features in our town of Doncaster have changed over time. We identified key areas such as sports facilities, entertainment and education and compared pictures from the 1990s to now. We discovered that many have developed over time to accommodate a rise in population, popularity and ease of accessibility. The vocabulary produced by the children was pronominal and it was great to see them so excited about their hometown!

What a Wonderful World

3LG have started the new year off with a bang!

As immersion into our new topic, over the last week 3LG have been creating lots of beautiful artwork. This has included making ripped paper collages of the Earth, Mandy Barker style artwork and papier mache polar bears.

The children put lots of time and care into their creations, and the wonderful artwork now makes up the start of our display. It was great to see 3LG so excited for our new topic and already asking themselves what they can do to help save the planet.

Back with a Balloon!

Welcome back 4TE!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s! This week, 4TE have been getting right back into action by becoming extremely creative immersing themselves with our new expedition, ‘What a Wonderful World’. Our eventual goal will be to answer the question of ‘Why should we protect our beautiful planet’.

In order to immerse ourselves, we have been creating Arctic-themed crafts, and learning a little bit about the Arctic, climate change and global warming. Here are some of our crafts we have been creating!

A step into the wild!

As we begin our spring expedition, the children have been transported into the depths of the Amazon rainforest as they start to explore our guiding question: ‘Why should we help our planet survive?‘ During hook week, the pupils were first immersed in the wonder of the Amazon, from the rainforest layers to the biodiversity of the species that reside there. To celebrate this, our class designed and created an incredible door display, complete with indigenous species from the rainforest canopy. As the week has progressed, the children have gradually been introduced to the issue of deforestation and have produced some thought-provoking news reports to highlight different perspectives on the subject.