New Expedition – A Child Through Time

Well. Happy new year everybody. Of course, it doesn’t quite feel that we have reached ‘100% happiness’ just yet but I am hopeful that the spring of 2021 will be something more like normality for our country and community. Of course, the one constant positive throughout these difficult times are our children who continue to amaze and delight whether they are learning at home on in school. Indeed, the magnificent outcomes during last term’s expedition was a perfect illustration of both their artistic and literary talents and an overview of that exhibition can be found on our phase website:

Our new expedition is entitled ‘A child through time’ and will catalogue children’s experiences in three key periods of British history: the Victorian era, World War 2 and the present. Here, we will aim to capture children’s experiences through the lens of 5 different categories: education, leisure, clothing, diet and home life. Already, coming to the end of our second week, we have had some quite amazing outcomes from our children both in and out of school. This was punctuated this week by a traditional Victorian Drill PE lesson that the children took part in where they engaged in some traditional exercises that were said to help improve children’s coordination, ability to follow instruction, core strength and disciple. I must say, there were one or two acts of insubordination amongst my subjects that were quickly extinguished with the threat of the cane!

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

Please see our new expedition website for further information:

As always, I thank you for all your support, particularly at this moment where we found our self in another national lockdown and look forward to welcoming all children back to school soon.

Mr Chadwick