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Whether you are a pupil, parent or an interested party, we welcome you to our website. You can learn a lot about our school from this site and we hope you get the opportunity to visit in person…

Our school sits in the rural setting of Norton Village on the outskirts of Doncaster serving the surrounding areas of Norton, Campsall, Askern and Sutton for more than 80 years. There is an established and mutually supportive local community and the school has been host to a variety of community events over the years.

We are a mid size Junior School with an intake of 240 children. There are 8 classes in total, two of each year group, which equates to class sizes of 30 children with 60 per year group. Our grounds are quite extensive and we are blessed to be bordered by trees and farmland which makes for a positive outdoor learning environment and a beautiful setting.  Both our feeder schools are in close proximity, Norton Infants being on the same school site, and we work in partnership with the schools and services in our locality to best serve the wider community.

Norton Junior School provides a warm and caring environment for its pupils while they in turn take pride in both their achievements and their school. Every opportunity is taken to nurture and celebrate the individual strengths of our pupils. We have high expectations and actively promote excellence, giving our children the right balance of values and skills to set sound foundations for their future.

Parents speak very highly of the school and the learning culture it provides. In our most recent parental survey, 97% of parents would recommend our school to another parent.

As a school, we are constantly striving to refine and enhance policy and practice to ensure the best results for our children and the local community we serve.

Why not come along and take a look for yourselves?

I look forward to meeting you soon…

Your Sincerely,

Adrian Hayes



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Why Choose Norton?

87% Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard or higher in Writing, Reading & Maths


96.4% Attendance in 2016/2017.


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[quote author=”Pupil” role=””]As a relatively new pupil of the school, my daughter has been made to feel really welcome by both staff and pupils.[/quote]
[quote author=”Ofsted” role=””]Pupils demonstrate exceptionally positive attitudes towards learning as they stay engaged on their tasks and work hard, both independently and cooperatively.[/quote]
[quote author=”Parent” role=””]I’m really pleased with my Son’s progress and the way he is taught in school. He is really happy which says a lot… All the teachers and staff members are really approachable.[/quote]
[quote author=”Pupil” role=””]My Child has made brilliant progress so far this year, the class teacher has been pro-active in his contact with parents, inviting us into school early in the term… We are very impressed with the changes you and your team have made[/quote]

[quote author=”Pupil” role=””]We don’t fall out… We’re like one big family.[/quote]
[quote author=”Pupil” role=””]Our teachers are really nice.  They help us when we’re struggling and they run lots of different clubs.[/quote]
[quote author=”Teacher” role=””]We set ourselves goals for learning.  We know what the government wants us to achieve but we want to do even better![/quote]
[quote author=”Local Authority” role=””]The school is growing capacity and staff know where they are heading. The drive and commitment from the Headteacher is very evident.[/quote]


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