Crazy Coordinates

This week we have been learning all about coordinates in our maths lessons linked to our work on the Spanish Armada invasion during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign!

My first Tudor execution!

WC 8.1.21

Last week, Year 6 explored crimes and punishments that occurred in the Tudor era: from beheadings to being hung, drawn and quartered, it’s safe to say things are a lot better now!

6CC began by imagining what a first day on the job for one of King Henry VIII’s executioners might be like. Take a look at their letters to the King below!

Rihanna’s letter to King Henry VIII
Matilda’s letter to King Henry VIII
Emily’s letter to King Henry VIII

Lately, we have also taken time to enjoy the flurries of snow, both in school and away. We have even had a few snow sculptures created over the past few weeks!

Terrible Tudors!

Year 6 have been learning about all things Tudor related this week! They have investigated the differences in how the rich and poor lived in the Tudor era, have designed (and some have even made!) their own Tudor clothes and created a Tudor feast fit for a king! The staff are even thinking of bringing some of the Tudor punishments into the classroom…. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! 😂

Stand and Deliver!

This week, Year 6 have been learning all about the notorious highwaymen and women of the 1700s! We have discovered that Dick Turpin was an extremely violent criminal, that infamous highwayman Claude Duval liked to charm the ladies and we even wrote our own diary entries in the role of a highwayman. One of our tasks this week was to for the pupils design their very own highway masks. We received a whole range of designs: we even had a highway cat and elephant!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well we’ve come to the end of our second week of remote learning and as a staff team, we’re incredibly proud and impressed by the quality of learning that is taking place whilst children are at home. A huge thumbs up to all the pupils and the families supporting them for quickly adapting to this new way of working. We finished the week with snowmen, snowballs and snow angels. Think we all needed a little fun in the snow to finish the week off! Well done everyone; keep up the good work!


Hello Years 5 & 6,

we hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and we cannot wait to see you. Please follow the link to our expedition site for Sping 2021, Heroes and Villains ( Also, please check your emails for information regarding home learning from the 6th January 2021.



Photographs that changed the world!

Well done to all the children in years 5 and 6 for their tremendous hard work this term. They have been on a journey, exploring the development of the camera and how the world has changed as a result of iconic events, remarkable people and even several disasters!

Watch the video here to gain insight into their expedition and let them introduce you to the culmination of our journey: their rather impressive final product!

We’ve gone bananas!

Year 5 and 6 have gone bananas this week! We have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians and their beliefs. Whilst investigating mummification, the pupils had a go at mummifying a banana using Ancient Egyptian methods of preserving a body! I think Will’s voice says it all!!


This week, 6CC explored the process of mummification and even got to put to use their own mummy-making instructions on… a banana! The children cleansed, emptied, stuffed, cleansed (again) and wrapped their bananas before decorating them with protective jewels and amulets.

Above: 6CC’s banana mummies!

The class have also begun an scientific investigation into mummy preservation and are now studying the effects of a variety of preserving agents on a mummy (an apple). We will let you know our results next Wednesday!

Overall, another fantastic week in 6CC. Many pupils are now engaging in the homework tasks (posted bi-weekly) on Google Classroom and it is lovely to see writers putting their creative minds to the test using Google Docs and Slides to present their learning.

Week 11’s Superhero: Louis, for his spectacular peer mentorship and excellent attitude to learning, Louis constantly demonstrating a work hard, play hard attitude and continuously strives to get better and better! Well done!