Local Litter Pickers!

In a recent Crew session, 6SO voiced their concerns about the amount of litter in the local area so they decided to do something about it! On Thursday, we went out armed with bin bags and litter pickers and did out bit for the community by collecting litter in nearby woodland. What a wonderful group of young people!

Out of this world!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all things space related during the first case study of our ‘Big Bangs’ expedition and have worked hard to produce these beautifully eye-catching pictures of their own solar systems! This work links to their English lessons where they have been writing a report about an imaginary planet. To create these fantastic pictures, they used oil pastels and had to develop the skill of blend using this tricky media.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

This week has been all about collaboration in Year 6 and receiving critique from our peers in order to ensure our work is the very best that it can be. Pupils used writing assessment rubrics to assess each other’s space non-chronological reports and engaged in peer coaching when completing maths challenges. Pupils have really demonstrated our ‘Be kind’ habit of work and learning speaking to each other in a respectful manner and giving constructive feedback.

Who’s the teacher? You’re the teacher!

After writing a non-chronological report about their very own imaginary planet (inspired by the fictional planet of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar), 6CC put on their teacher heads and assessed their partner’s writing using teacher’s assessment tools. With an emphasis on critique, writers praised features in each others writing whilst also providing their peer with constructive feedback to help make their non-chron. more immersive, captivating and fact-filled.

We needed more space!

WC 26.4.21

Continuing from epic hook week, 6CC took to the outdoor space to paint the surface of their papier mache planets. The completion of the planets on Friday afternoon was made all the more sweeter by the sunny weather which all the children enjoyed. Great effort guys, the planets are out of this world (couldn’t resist!).

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

WC 26.4.21

Students engaged in a range of discussions surrounding kindness… whilst in the outdoor classroom! In Crew 6CC, we explored many different scenarios where kindness could have a profound impact on the situation where a negative result may possibly have been avoided. Using their voices, each pupils gave an insight into how they would react and how they would want to be treated in their chosen scenario. Before returning to the safety of our cozy classroom, the crew undertook a teambuilding challenge of passing around a musical instrument with the aim being not to make a sound.

‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind.’

Let the debate begin!

WC 19.4.21

Year 6 students took to the lectern in the Big Bangs! hook week and voiced their arguments in a wide variety of space related topics, ranging from ‘Is space exploration a waste of money?’ to ‘Have aliens visited planet Earth?’. All teams used the internet to build background knowledge about their topic before compiling their best points in the form of a written argument. Bravely, each group delivered a well-structured argument, equipped with a broad range subject-specific vocabulary and statistics to hopefully sway their peers towards their point of view. Well done, Year 6! 👏🏻🏆

Daring Debating!

Our Year 5 and 6 students have leapt out of their comfort zones in the last couple of weeks and worked in teams to present as argument in from of their teachers and the whole year group! They were asked to structure an argument for or against a question given to them by the teachers that related to our current expedition. These included ‘Is there life on Mars?’ ‘Is space exploration a waste of money?’ and ‘Is it morally right to send animals into space?’ They demonstrated amazing teamwork skills whilst researching and writing their argument and then presented their case in the hall. Some pupils were very nervous about speaking in front of others but they all did it and we are very proud of their achievement!

Perfect Pop Art!

Year 6 have been super busy this week completing their pop art pictures of emergency services heroes ready to go on our posters which will be displayed in Co-op in Askern and Morrison’s on York Road! Here is just a small selection of 6SO’s creations. We think you’ll agree they are outstanding!

Angle Angels!

This week, Year 6 have been learning about all things angles related in maths! Today, 6SO competed against each other in pairs to see who could accurately estimate the size of an angle and draw it precisely before checking how close they were with a protractor. The closer there angle was the the right size, more more points they received! Take a look at the fantastic work that went on below and the amazing jottings that the students made.