Perfect Pop Art!

Year 6 have been super busy this week completing their pop art pictures of emergency services heroes ready to go on our posters which will be displayed in Co-op in Askern and Morrison’s on York Road! Here is just a small selection of 6SO’s creations. We think you’ll agree they are outstanding!

Angle Angels!

This week, Year 6 have been learning about all things angles related in maths! Today, 6SO competed against each other in pairs to see who could accurately estimate the size of an angle and draw it precisely before checking how close they were with a protractor. The closer there angle was the the right size, more more points they received! Take a look at the fantastic work that went on below and the amazing jottings that the students made.

Top-class angling!

This week, year 6 have been investigating the different types of angles. 6CC especially enjoyed the angles game where player 1 asked player 2 to draw an angle using only a whiteboard pen and ruler. Depending on how far away their drawing was, player 1 might win points the closer their estimate was to their target angle. Lots of competition and smiles this week!

Shape shifters!

This week, Year 6 have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes. We have solved tricky shapes problems and also investigated the nets of cubes in teams.

World Book Day 2021

Although we could not have World Book Day as we would have liked to, children and staff, whether they are in school or at home, have made a great effort to dress up. It was lovely to see many of our remote learners making an effort to dress up at their favourite book characters.

Masked Reader Challenge

Pensive faces and wry smiles. Just a few of the expressions on the children’s faces today (along with plenty of giggles of course) as they watched the Masked Reader Challenge videos prepared by NJS staff for World Book Day. The staff at NJS have looked to deceive the minds of their children by reading their favourite story books using face filters and wacky masks – even toilet roll in one case. Can you work out which teacher is behind the the mask? Undertake the challenge by clicking here!

Thank you to all the children, parents and staff for their efforts in the run up to and on World Book Day! I know I speak for all staff when I say we can not wait to be seeing our full classes on Monday 8th March! 😁

Conquering coordinates!

⚓Coordinates have been on the Maths menu this week in 6CC. On Thursday, the children put their navigational brains to the test by exploring many difference coordinates problems.

⚓ In Literacy, Sir Francis Drake and the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 has been the topic of choice with the children to write their own detailed and descriptive recounts of the Battle. 🚢

Crazy Coordinates

This week we have been learning all about coordinates in our maths lessons linked to our work on the Spanish Armada invasion during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign!

My first Tudor execution!

WC 8.1.21

Last week, Year 6 explored crimes and punishments that occurred in the Tudor era: from beheadings to being hung, drawn and quartered, it’s safe to say things are a lot better now!

6CC began by imagining what a first day on the job for one of King Henry VIII’s executioners might be like. Take a look at their letters to the King below!

Rihanna’s letter to King Henry VIII
Matilda’s letter to King Henry VIII
Emily’s letter to King Henry VIII

Lately, we have also taken time to enjoy the flurries of snow, both in school and away. We have even had a few snow sculptures created over the past few weeks!

Terrible Tudors!

Year 6 have been learning about all things Tudor related this week! They have investigated the differences in how the rich and poor lived in the Tudor era, have designed (and some have even made!) their own Tudor clothes and created a Tudor feast fit for a king! The staff are even thinking of bringing some of the Tudor punishments into the classroom…. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! 😂

Stand and Deliver!

This week, Year 6 have been learning all about the notorious highwaymen and women of the 1700s! We have discovered that Dick Turpin was an extremely violent criminal, that infamous highwayman Claude Duval liked to charm the ladies and we even wrote our own diary entries in the role of a highwayman. One of our tasks this week was to for the pupils design their very own highway masks. We received a whole range of designs: we even had a highway cat and elephant!