6SO have been working hard to produce some beautiful observational sketches of cameras over the past few weeks. Here are just a few of the amazing final sketches and we think you’ll agree, they are outstanding! These beautiful drawings will feature as part of a calendar that Year 5 and 6 are creating based on their current expedition ‘Photographs that changed the world’. The calendar will be professionally printed and available to buy at Christmas time so watch this space!

Forest School Fun!

The Year 6 pupils commenced a 10 week Forest School programme on Tuesday this week and they loved it! The children learnt how to chop wood, they built a swing and climbed trees. They are learning to develop their problem solving skills and confidence in themselves.

A huge thank you to our fabulous TA, Mrs Blunt, for organising this amazing opportunity for our pupils.

Staff Crew – Identifying HOWLs…

If it’s good enough for our children, its good enough for our staff too… Everything that you are doing in class, we are doing too!


We have also be revisiting our Core Values that we set together as a whole community 5 years ago. Here we are unpicking exactly what it looks like to embrace our values and identify our own HOWLs – Habits of Work and Learning. HOWLS help us demonstrate how we are working to be the best version of ourselves or as we like to say, “Being the BEST version of ME!”

Photography Workshop!

On Thursday 17th September, 6CC had the pleasure of learning from a local photographer, Mr Nightingale, who walked the children through the history of photography and explored the tools a modern-day photographer uses in the field. The children also got the chance to view and hold both past and current equipment. Thank you very much, Mr Nightingale!

Photography Masterclass!

On 17th September, Year 5 & 6 took part in an exciting photography workshop led by local photographer Steve Nightingale as part of our expedition, ‘Photographs that changed the world’. The pupils looked at how photography and camera technology has developed over time. Steve taught us about some of the most iconic photos ever taken, including Neil Armstrong on the moon and ‘Tank Man’, and the cameras and people who took them. We also discovered that Steve is a keen wildlife photographer and has taken some truly amazing photos of animals. He showed us a close up snap of a jumping spider and a magnificent barn owl mid-flight!