➖Negative numbers!

After finishing their unit on place value and rounding, 6CC and 6SO explored negative numbers through the medium of a very frustrating ladder climbing game. The tension between the pairs was palpable as the luck of the dice mostly favoured one or none!

Expert Visitor!


Wow what an amazing day Year 6 had at Harry Potter Studios. The pupils were enthusiastic, beautifully behaved and really did NJS proud. We saw a whole array of magical wonders from flying motorbikes and fire-breathing dragons to gigantic spiders and a goblin bank! It was a truly magical day!

Wicked Wizards

Look at our young Hogwarts students duelling with their homemade wands! The pupils had to decide which ingredients to include inside their wands that reflected their personal qualities. These ranged from unicorn hair to represent honesty to lion claws for courage! The finished wands look fantastic….EXPELLIARMUS!

Maths in the great outdoors!

The recent heatwave has made classroom learning a little… toasty, and so on Wednesday, 6CC and 6SO opted for an outdoor Maths treasure hunt aiming to boost their place value problem-solving skills!

Looking to build a winning team spirit, they have also enjoyed rounders in the sun on Wednesday afternoon and taken part in some team building activities during morning crew each day. Onwards and upwards for 6CC (no brooms needed)!

I solemnly swear we have been up to no good…

If you’d have examined 6CC’s activity on the Marauder’s map, you’d have noticed how busy their week has been, from participating in their very own Hogwarts’ sorting ceremony to making their own magical wands!

During their first week back, the class also took part in a range of enchanting activities such as quidditch, defence against the dark arts and potion making. As their professor this year, it has been lovely to see the teamwork and determination shown by each member of the class in every activity, however Gryffindor are the leading the house points charts after the first week. Let’s hope the other houses catch up in due course!

Movie Magic!

During their first day back, the Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in lots of exciting Harry Potter themed activities as part of our ‘The Magic of Motion’ exhibition. The children dressed up as witches and wizards and through the magic of technology, photo shopped themselves into various Harry Potter movie sets!

Final Word Presentations

The Year 6 pupils have spent the last few weeks tirelessly working on their Final Word presentations and today have started to present them to family, staff and friends. We have been blown away by the quality of their reflections on their time at NJS and have loved hearing about their character growth over the last 4 years. A lot of the children have been extremely nervous about presenting in front of an audience but we couldn’t be more proud of their achievements. Well done Year 6!

Local Litter Pickers!

In a recent Crew session, 6SO voiced their concerns about the amount of litter in the local area so they decided to do something about it! On Thursday, we went out armed with bin bags and litter pickers and did out bit for the community by collecting litter in nearby woodland. What a wonderful group of young people!

Out of this world!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all things space related during the first case study of our ‘Big Bangs’ expedition and have worked hard to produce these beautifully eye-catching pictures of their own solar systems! This work links to their English lessons where they have been writing a report about an imaginary planet. To create these fantastic pictures, they used oil pastels and had to develop the skill of blend using this tricky media.