¡Hola Sudamérica!

From the snowy peaks of the Andes to the green grasslands of the Pampas fields in Argentina; through the dense canopies of the Amazon Rainforest to the vast, aridvexpanses of the Atacama Desert in Chile, 6CC have put their knowledge of human and physical features to the test by exploring the various biomes in America’s southern continent.

Year 6 will now look to uncover the mysteries of each biome in South America and how the climate of each unique biome affects the life of flora and fauna within their region. Until next time, adios! 🇧🇷🇦🇷🇨🇷🇪🇨🇦🇲

… And on the second day, 6CC designed their own landforms! 🌎

Last week, year 6 explored human and physical features of the geographical landscape and identified features in their local environment around Norton and Askern that could be classified into each category. They then explored how the physical features of the landscape influence the human features, such as roads running alongside rivers rather than creating bridges and tunnels that may incur increased costs.

Building on their knowledge of geographical features, 6CC began studying settlements and investigating how physical features (rivers, woods, mountains etc) affect human settlements. In mini crews, each crew designed their own unique landform using classroom equipment and a sheet – most opted to include a mountain or hill region in their design.

With each successive stage of the challenge, groups added a forest, a river, human settlements, livestock/crops and a road, whilst thinking carefully about where to position each individual aspect and what they may need.

At the end of the challenge, a spokesperson/ spokespeople were nominated to present their design to their peers where they explained why they positioned features in specific places before receiving praise for their ideas and wonders to provoke further thinking regarding some of their design choices. Great effort, Crew! 👍

We will claim this land as our own!

This week in Geography, Year 6 have been investigating how the physical features of a landscape affect the human land use. We created our own landscapes and thought carefully about where would be the best places for human features such as roads, bridges, towns and cities.

🌎Tropical Triumph!

Rocking Rainforest

6CC finished their immersive rainforest display this week, giving the full effect of a dense and diverse environment. All the children worked in groups to collectively create a bright canopy layer for our class animal: the Glaucous Maccaw.

Feeling hot! Hot! Hot!

Diving into the canopy, year 6 have begun exploring the equator and the tropics and how they provide the optimum conditions for growing rainforests. Wednesday featured a research lesson where 6CC learned about the accelerated water cycle of the tropics and the role they play in hydrating the Earth’s rainforests.

🌎 Why should we help our planet survive? – Hook Week

Thrown into the vast and dense Amazon Rainforest, 6CC have answered the call of planet Earth’s SOS to learn about the importance of this natural beauty and the to raise awareness of its vital role in regulating our world’s climate.

This week, years 5 & 6 have been introduced to several of the endangered species inhabiting ‘the lungs of the world’ and where they belong in this complex eco system. 6CC have produced wonderful piece of split artwork through teamwork and determination, as well as creating their own plea to stop deforestation via a group made news report. 📽️

Why should we help our planet survive?

The children have had a super start to 2022 and have thrown themselves into our new expedition: Why should we help our planet survive? This expedition will focus on the Amazon Rainforest and the animals and people that live there. We will discover how important it is to protect the rainforest linked to climate change and global warming. During hook week, the pupils learnt about deforestation through writing their own news reports and created some amazing group artwork of rainforest animals using mixed media.

Christmas Quiz Madness!

It was final week before Christmas and all were relaxed, quietly reading their reading book. Then, Mr Cicero thought it best to introduce his big Christmas Quiz…

The tranquility was shattered. Friendships fractured (momentarily). Christmas chaos had well and truly begun!

Safe to say, 6CC fully enjoyed the start to their week! 👏🏻👍🏼😂

Stockings of success!

The class enjoyed sinking their teeth (or needles rather) into the task of making their own Christmas stockings from scratch. With resilience and the support of their parents, guardians and teachers, the class produced some fine, festive designs. Thank you to all the adults who came in to visit their children. We hope you have a very, merry Christmas! 🎄

Need for steam (and speed)!

Year 6 enjoyed a thrilling trip to the recently opened Danum museum in Doncaster City Centre on Wednesday. Learning about Doncaster’s deep rail heritage that began with George Edmundson; the classes learned about the mechanic of steam locomotives as well as the business brought to Doncaster that developed it into one of the UK’s industrial heavy weights.

Definitely worth a family visit!