What makes a hero?

After learning about the Pop Art movement in the 1960s, our children have been busy creating some eye-catching Pop Art pieces, based on the professions of the experts that visited us last week. The pupils have worked extremely hard to ensure their work is vibrant, bold and exciting. Here is a small selection of their beautiful work.

A selection of our final pieces

Cube Investigation

This week in year 5 we have been investigating 3D shapes. Today, we challenged the children to find all the possible nets of a cube. Through perseverance, great visualisation and fantastic co-operation, all of the groups managed to find a vast majority of all 11 possibilities and had some great fun in the process.


This week, the children in 5RH have been hard at work creating exceptional Queen Elizabeth I portraits. After hours and hours of work they still aren’t all finished but I’m sure you’ll agree, the time and hard work has definitely paid off.

A banquet fit for a king!

Our in-depth look at real life heroes and villains (The Tudors) has taken us down a tasty path as we dissect the eating habits of the very privileged. Would you want to eat at a Tudor banquet? It’s a mixed bag for me, as the Tudor dishes range from delicious to down right disgusting.

Some beautiful work on show produced by children in school and at home. Cracking stuff!


Hello Years 5 & 6,

we hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and we cannot wait to see you. Please follow the link to our expedition site for Sping 2021, Heroes and Villains (https://sites.google.com/njsch.uk/njsheroesandvillains/home-learning/week-1). Also, please check your emails for information regarding home learning from the 6th January 2021.



Photographs that changed the world!

Well done to all the children in years 5 and 6 for their tremendous hard work this term. They have been on a journey, exploring the development of the camera and how the world has changed as a result of iconic events, remarkable people and even several disasters!

Watch the video here to gain insight into their expedition and let them introduce you to the culmination of our journey: their rather impressive final product!

This week, year 5 have been hard at work learning and utilising an ancient preservation method on our bananas. As we delve into the world of Ancient Egyptians, we start to discover some of the many interesting traditions they had. The preservation of pharaohs using mummification was a particularly interesting one.

In addition to learning the method, we obviously had to get hands on and give it a go ourselves.

A picture says a thousand words. Caption these!