A Meaty Treat!

As part of our Wonderful World of Bugs Expedition, we have been immersing ourselves in every aspect of the topic.  Here, our children have been looking at what some countries are doing with regard to farming insects to replace traditional proteins, providing greater sustainability and having less of a negative environmental impact.  In light of this, we have been sampling a variety of critters including locusts, buffalo worms, crickets and mealworms and of course, critiquing each ‘delicacy’ with the trained eye of an experienced food critic. Delicious!

Crew Celebrations


Here’s the gang!. A quite brilliant effort from Ronnie who is this week’s superhero – he has really tried his best in every element of his learning.  Alas, we the turn to Evie and Evie.  The first has amassed a quite ridiculous 6661 coins on TT Rockstars over the last 7 days and the latter, has shown tremendous resilience and effort in dealing with a plethora of difficult math’s problems.  Well done to all and have a great weekend everybody.

This Week’s Crew Celebrations

Congratulations to all our winners…


Here’s another reason to celebrate. After much deliberation, Mrs Ball and Mrs Watters settled on Will for this week’s superhero: a very deserving winner…

Congratulations to Liam for becoming this week’s Crew Rock Star by amassing an impressive 17 574 coins over the last 7 days – awesome work!

Further congratulations is reserved for Lois who was voted (by her Crew) as this week’s Children’s Champion. Check out some of the comments below that were given as reasons by her peers. Very well done Lois.

And finally, here’s a trio of Special Mention’s (Toby, Elisha & Georgia) for some quite superb jottings during a math’s activity. Yes, I went a little overboard with the stamps and stickers but you would, wouldn’t you?

Messy Maths!

Mathematics all over the tables today! We have been learning a variety of different methods to calculate addition problems… and making lots of mess along the way!


Crew Appreciations

Well big well doe to Dalton for receiving the most votes when our Crew filled in their individual nominations for this week’s Children’s Champion.  One always feels that a nomination from your peers just means that little bit more…



Staff Crew – Identifying HOWLs…

If it’s good enough for our children, its good enough for our staff too… Everything that you are doing in class, we are doing too!


We have also be revisiting our Core Values that we set together as a whole community 5 years ago. Here we are unpicking exactly what it looks like to embrace our values and identify our own HOWLs – Habits of Work and Learning. HOWLS help us demonstrate how we are working to be the best version of ourselves or as we like to say, “Being the BEST version of ME!”

It’s a bug’s life!

Our autumn expedition started with a bang with a terrific array of creepy crawlies and, conversely, fluffy friends.  The visit from our expert consisted of a detailed talk about a variety of different creatures and they even donated some stick insects to be part of our CREW.  Recent additions to the family include STICKARINA, BUSTER, WOODY and RALPH.

Alas….The Wonderful World of Bugs!