There and Back Again…

Last week, as previously documented… 4TE embarked on the mighty adventure to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Well, this week we have been planning to write about our trip. We aim to write some super detailed descriptions of what we experienced and these are some of our plans so far! We’re hopeful of some great pieces of writing to come!

Wonderful Wildlife from our Wide World!

Today, Years 3 and 4 ventured off on an adventure to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! In line with our expedition ‘What a Wonderful World’, we explored lots of the different wildlife from all around the world! 4TE (pictured above standing by the fence, not on the grass!) had a super time looking at all the different creatures; we saw tigers, polar bears, wallabies, monkeys, and meerkats! It was a fantastic day and really put into perspective for everyone as to why we need to look after our planet, and protect our furry (and sometimes not so…) friends!

Welcome back 4TE!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s! This week, 4TE have been getting right back into action by becoming extremely creative immersing themselves with our new expedition, ‘What a Wonderful World’. Our eventual goal will be to answer the question of ‘Why should we protect our beautiful planet’.

In order to immerse ourselves, we have been creating Arctic-themed crafts, and learning a little bit about the Arctic, climate change and global warming. Here are some of our crafts we have been creating!

Christmas Crafts!

This week has been full of Christmas Crafts at NJS and there was no exception for 4TE! Fresh from the weekend on Monday morning, 4TE went straight into creating some amazing Christmas crafts. There were creative cards, delightful decorations and beautiful beads! Everyone had a great time and it was a super start to the week!

Community, Crafts, and Cake!

4TE finished off a fantastic first half-term with an action-packed fun-filled day! Firstly, the whole school had a brilliant opportunity to plant some trees alongside the school field. Crew Edwards and Crew West relished this unique experience and had a terrific time planting and naming their trees. In years to come as the children grow older and even when they leave NJS, they will be able to walk alongside the school and spot the very same trees that they planted today. After this, the children got to create some Halloween themed crafts. Spooky spiders and ghoulish ghosts were haunting the classroom this morning, it was a spooky time indeed! Finally, the children had been very busy at home and had baked an incredible amount of treats. There were cakes, biscuits, cookies, flapjacks, you name it, it was there! 4TE got to snack on their treats and we shared the goods with the rest of the school as well. It was a magnificent way to conclude a brilliant day and start to term. I’d like to finally thank everyone in 4TE for such a fantastic start to the year. I hope everyone has a great couple weeks and we shall see you soon!

Truly Legion!

What a fantastic start to the school year by 4GC! They have settled brilliantly, worked hard and demonstrated our core values in abundance throughout the week. This term’s expedition is entitled ‘Relentless Romans’ and we have been busy this week making Roman shields, traditional mosaics and even and centurion’s battle helmet! In these accompanying pictures, you can marvel at the detail and precision at which these shields have been put together. Perhaps the best way to summarise our efforts this week is through the Roman Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem‘…Indeed, 4GC have Seized the Day.

‘Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge’

Yesterday saw the third walk in a series of jaunts that our children are doing as part of our summer expedition: Take a Walk on the Wild side. This journey boasted a length of 3.8 miles and took our Crew to the periphery of Walden Stubbs, trekking on bridleways, narrow footpaths, over railway crossings and even across the River Went by virtue of a narrow wooden bridge. Of course, our children coped ‘manfully’ with this and called upon our core values of ‘aspiration’ and ‘resilience’ to get them through. Indeed, the culmination of our Expedition will be a walking guide that will include this and all the other walks that our children embark on. Stay posted for the date of our celebration of learning where these nifty guides will be on sale.


After a hotly anticipated return date, our amazing pupils finally entered the grounds in earnest following an enforced absence from school. Alas, there were elbow bumps and smiles aplenty followed by a day of fun activities to reconnect with each other. It was the first time in a long time that we felt any sort of normality as not having a full compliment of children in the classroom, well, just isn’t the same. Indeed, this might be a timely reminder to say a massive ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to all the wonderful families who have worked tirelessly to support your children working from home. Now, we have our collective fingers crossed (and facemasks on) in the hope that the following weeks and months will allow for more freedoms for our staff, children and community. Better days are indeed ahead.