Cardinal points and using a compass

This week 3HJ have been looking at how compasses work and learning how to use them correctly.

We spent time orientating the compass to find the cardinal points. Finally, we planned a route using directions across the playground.

A tricky concept but we all did so well!

Adapting in science

In science this week, we have been learning about how animals are adapted to their environments. We looked at different species of animals and how they are suited to survive in their environment and focused on the ones that are specifically adapted to tropical climates. We enjoyed learning about different animals from around the world and even learnt the names of the seven continents of the world.

Tasty mini beast sandwich

This week, the children have written a set of instructions on how to make a revolting mini beast sandwich. Mr Wilkinson felt a bit peckish during literacy and decided to make a mini beast sandwich. It contained a variety of ingredients such as jam, cheese, grapes, locust and meal worms. Yummy indeed!

After Mr Wilkinson finished his sandwich, the children wrote a set of instructions on how to make one with pleasing results.

Fantastic work 3MW!


Staff Crew – Identifying HOWLs…

If it’s good enough for our children, its good enough for our staff too… Everything that you are doing in class, we are doing too!


We have also be revisiting our Core Values that we set together as a whole community 5 years ago. Here we are unpicking exactly what it looks like to embrace our values and identify our own HOWLs – Habits of Work and Learning. HOWLS help us demonstrate how we are working to be the best version of ourselves or as we like to say, “Being the BEST version of ME!”

Meet the creatures!

To launch our first term’s expedition all about mini beasts, we had a mini beast expert visit NJS. She bought in a variety of creepy crawlies from across the globe for the children to look at and handle. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which was had by all!

At the beginning of our expedition, we had some ‘special guests’ visit NJS…

Meet A Mini-beast

To launch this term’s expedition we invited in some experts to share with us some very special friends that we definitely were not expecting…


What a wonderful afternoon we had delving into the marvellous word of mini-beasts. How brave are these children? I wonder how many of you would have been this brave?