The Polar Bear Necessities

Last week Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to take a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park with the rest of LKS2 from all XP Trust Schools. During the day 3LG did lots of animal spottings, and even heard the lions roar. We saw, wallabies, camels, meerkats, a leopard, tigers and zebras. But our favourite was defitinetly the lemurs, who were so active running around and climbing just above our heads.

The focus of our trip was “Project Polar”, a conservation programme run by YWP in order to help save the polar bears in their natural habitat. As part of this, we were so excited to have a workshop all about polar bears run by one of the zoo’s experts. During the workshop we learned all about the adaptations polar bears have, why they are endangered and what we can do to help save them.

A better use of bed sheets!

This week, year 5 have used a selection of bedsheets to create their own landforms, which they then used as a basis to investigate human land use. The children used the contours of the land to add a river, forests and pastures, before discussing collaboratively how these might affect human settlements. The pupils recognized the importance of providing human settlements with a water supply, vegetation, building materials, space for livestock and a means of defense. Super work 5RS!

Our ‘Roar-some’ trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

What a wonderful we had during our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! To immerse our children fully into our expedition ‘What a Wonderful World’, we visited many amazing breads of animals from all around the world! Particular favourites of 3HJ were the red pandas, sea lions and of course the polar bears. The absolute highlight however was the parading leopard who seem to enjoy his time with us and put on a great show. Lots of happy memories were made today and the children were a credit to NJS! 😊

Year 5 Geographers!

After taking part in a gallery walk of photographs taken from the local area, our year 5 geographers were able to distinguish clearly between human and physical features and explain how the latter has influenced the former. They are then going to build on this learning next week by creating a model land form and using the physical features of the land to inform their human settlements and land use. Super work year 5!

Has Doncaster changed over time?

This week, during expedition lessons, we have been discovering how human features in our town of Doncaster have changed over time. We identified key areas such as sports facilities, entertainment and education and compared pictures from the 1990s to now. We discovered that many have developed over time to accommodate a rise in population, popularity and ease of accessibility. The vocabulary produced by the children was pronominal and it was great to see them so excited about their hometown!

What a Wonderful World

3LG have started the new year off with a bang!

As immersion into our new topic, over the last week 3LG have been creating lots of beautiful artwork. This has included making ripped paper collages of the Earth, Mandy Barker style artwork and papier mache polar bears.

The children put lots of time and care into their creations, and the wonderful artwork now makes up the start of our display. It was great to see 3LG so excited for our new topic and already asking themselves what they can do to help save the planet.

A step into the wild!

As we begin our spring expedition, the children have been transported into the depths of the Amazon rainforest as they start to explore our guiding question: ‘Why should we help our planet survive?‘ During hook week, the pupils were first immersed in the wonder of the Amazon, from the rainforest layers to the biodiversity of the species that reside there. To celebrate this, our class designed and created an incredible door display, complete with indigenous species from the rainforest canopy. As the week has progressed, the children have gradually been introduced to the issue of deforestation and have produced some thought-provoking news reports to highlight different perspectives on the subject.

Back to school with a bang!

What a great start to the new year we have had! It has been so lovely to welcome our children back into school and hear all your Christmas adventures.

Immersion week has seen some truly wonderful art projects happening for our exciting new expedition – What a Wonderful World!

We have got our hands well and truly sticky with papier-mâché as well as creating paper collages of our beautiful Earth! We can’t wait to show you the finished products!

A Crafty Christmas