Our Autumn expedition is now fully up and running. Steve Nightingale (local photography expert) came in to work with year 5&6 and deliver a fantastic informative workshop. In addition to exploring an incredible range of the best up to date cameras on the market, the children also looked at the history of photography and the evolution of the camera. We were also given an insight into tricks of the trade and photography at a microscopic level.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting session.

Cheers Steve.

It’s a bug’s life!

Our autumn expedition started with a bang with a terrific array of creepy crawlies and, conversely, fluffy friends.  The visit from our expert consisted of a detailed talk about a variety of different creatures and they even donated some stick insects to be part of our CREW.  Recent additions to the family include STICKARINA, BUSTER, WOODY and RALPH.

Alas….The Wonderful World of Bugs!


Photography Workshop!

On Thursday 17th September, 6CC had the pleasure of learning from a local photographer, Mr Nightingale, who walked the children through the history of photography and explored the tools a modern-day photographer uses in the field. The children also got the chance to view and hold both past and current equipment. Thank you very much, Mr Nightingale!