Hitting the ground running!

What a week! 6CC have hit the ground running this week. With everyone feeling excited to be back inside our classroom, Crew 6CC have worked extremely hard this week. Mrs Gyte, Mrs Doy and I have been incredibly proud and relieved to have our class reunited this week!

Central to our expedition this term, we have welcomed four emergency service heroes to our school to speak to children about their vital roles in our society and to be interviewed by our children. Below are some photos taken from our question generating session:

Inspired by two of our local experts this week (local emergency service workers), 6CC undertook the bleep test on Thursday afternoon during P.E. to see if they could qualify for the Police service and Fire and Rescue Service – level 8.5. Many of the children gave it their best shot with a few even surpassing level 12! Crazy effort! 💪🏻😁👏🏻

Victorian bread baking

What an amazing week we have had welcoming all our children back into school.

This week, we revisited some ‘lockdown’ learning’ and pulled out the Victorian recipes we created to make bread. Our recipes included many herbs which was believed to help with simple aliments. We included Rosemary, Sage and Dill. The taste test went down a treat!


After a hotly anticipated return date, our amazing pupils finally entered the grounds in earnest following an enforced absence from school. Alas, there were elbow bumps and smiles aplenty followed by a day of fun activities to reconnect with each other. It was the first time in a long time that we felt any sort of normality as not having a full compliment of children in the classroom, well, just isn’t the same. Indeed, this might be a timely reminder to say a massive ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to all the wonderful families who have worked tirelessly to support your children working from home. Now, we have our collective fingers crossed (and facemasks on) in the hope that the following weeks and months will allow for more freedoms for our staff, children and community. Better days are indeed ahead.

Tasty and delicious

First at foremost, it is wonderful to see the children back in the classroom together as a full CREW once more. I know that the children have been rather excited about seeing their friends and getting back to some sense of normal schooling.

On the first day back, the children had the opportunity to bake some bread by following a method. The end result was rather satisfying and tasty!

Parent Governor Vacancy (2 posts)

We greatly value the views of our parents, carers and local community members and are seeking to welcome additional community representation on our newly formed Local Governing Committee.

Would you like to work with us, to support and challenge us, and to help shape the future of education for the children in our community?

Do you have the right skills, personal characteristics and a little time to dedicate to us?

Please complete the form to either request further information or to submit your expression of interest and Supporting Statement.

Personal Statements of no more than 200 words to be submitted to school BY FRIDAY 12TH MARCH, 2021. If there are more applications than places available, the Local Governing Committee will then hold a vote, using completed Supporting Statements to recruit to the two vacant posts. Successful candidates will be informed immediately thereafter and all applicants will be informed of the final outcome.