Photographs that changed the world!

Well done to all the children in years 5 and 6 for their tremendous hard work this term. They have been on a journey, exploring the development of the camera and how the world has changed as a result of iconic events, remarkable people and even several disasters!

Watch the video here to gain insight into their expedition and let them introduce you to the culmination of our journey: their rather impressive final product!

Bahhhh! Humbug!

To begin our Christmas topic, 6CC started looking at characters from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ and have explored the texts central character, Ebenezer Scrooge. Safe to say that Mrs Doy, Mrs Gyte and myself all had a few frights in Tuesday’s literacy lesson when the children got to reenact his character description; turns out we have some very convincing performers in our midst!


What a result!

As you can see, our ‘Final Products’ are exceptional pieces of work. The children showed absolute resilience, working hard to produce a non chronological report about either a moth or bee. In addition, you can see the detailed pencil sketches. Here the children have used and applied different shading and tone techniques to create their own beautiful artwork of their mini beast.

Expedition Exhibition!

Here it is, the final product for our Autumn Expedition: ‘What does the human race owe to insects?’


The children have worked tirelessly on drafting and redrafting their written work and artwork which have yielded some quite superb outcomes.


Well done 4GC!

Christmas Donations

Thank you to our families and staff who donated so generously with selection boxes, mince pies and biscuits. They will be a welcome addition to the Christmas food hampers which are being distributed across over 9,000 Doncaster families this Christmas period.

A quite superb effort everybody


Crunch, crunch, crunch!

As part of our Wonderful World of Bugs Expedition, we though it would be a ‘Special Treat’ to sample an array of delicious goodies including locusts, buffalo worms, crickets and mealworms. We thought carefully about the different textures and tastes.AS you can see, lots of fun was had by all!

Trust the process!

We are fast approaching the end of our expedition of ‘The wonderful World of Bugs’! It has been an exciting learning journey where we have acquired a range of skills from learning how to add tone and light to a sketch to hatching techniques. We can’t wait to show you our beautiful final product.                                                                               


This week, 6CC explored the process of mummification and even got to put to use their own mummy-making instructions on… a banana! The children cleansed, emptied, stuffed, cleansed (again) and wrapped their bananas before decorating them with protective jewels and amulets.

Above: 6CC’s banana mummies!

The class have also begun an scientific investigation into mummy preservation and are now studying the effects of a variety of preserving agents on a mummy (an apple). We will let you know our results next Wednesday!

Overall, another fantastic week in 6CC. Many pupils are now engaging in the homework tasks (posted bi-weekly) on Google Classroom and it is lovely to see writers putting their creative minds to the test using Google Docs and Slides to present their learning.

Week 11’s Superhero: Louis, for his spectacular peer mentorship and excellent attitude to learning, Louis constantly demonstrating a work hard, play hard attitude and continuously strives to get better and better! Well done!