Photographs that changed the world!

Well done to all the children in years 5 and 6 for their tremendous hard work this term. They have been on a journey, exploring the development of the camera and how the world has changed as a result of iconic events, remarkable people and even several disasters!

Watch the video here to gain insight into their expedition and let them introduce you to the culmination of our journey: their rather impressive final product!

What a result!

As you can see, our ‘Final Products’ are exceptional pieces of work. The children showed absolute resilience, working hard to produce a non chronological report about either a moth or bee. In addition, you can see the detailed pencil sketches. Here the children have used and applied different shading and tone techniques to create their own beautiful artwork of their mini beast.

Expedition Exhibition!

Here it is, the final product for our Autumn Expedition: ‘What does the human race owe to insects?’


The children have worked tirelessly on drafting and redrafting their written work and artwork which have yielded some quite superb outcomes.


Well done 4GC!

This week, year 5 have been hard at work learning and utilising an ancient preservation method on our bananas. As we delve into the world of Ancient Egyptians, we start to discover some of the many interesting traditions they had. The preservation of pharaohs using mummification was a particularly interesting one.

In addition to learning the method, we obviously had to get hands on and give it a go ourselves.

A picture says a thousand words. Caption these!

Trust the process!

We are fast approaching the end of our expedition of ‘The wonderful World of Bugs’! It has been an exciting learning journey where we have acquired a range of skills from learning how to add tone and light to a sketch to hatching techniques. We can’t wait to show you our beautiful final product.                                                                               

Marvellous, Mighty, Mini-beasts

This week has seen the start of our writing for the final product. We have worked extremely hard in pairs to complete different paragraphs all about moths and bees. 3HJ then critiqued each paragraph together and redrafted. The quality of writing throughout has ben phenomenal and all children have blown me away! We are so excited to reveal our products you all! Watch this space!

Taking shape…

The children’s mini beast artwork is taking shape. They have all done a fantastic job in trying to apply the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks to produce an accurate drawing of a mini beast for their final product for the expedition. This will, together with the art work, incorporate a non chronological report of either a snail or spider. I’m optimistic the end product will look great as the children have been working hard and getting smart with their art.

Children in Need Fun!

NJS enjoyed a whole day of Children in Need fun last Friday and held a non-uniform day to raise money for this extremely worthy cause. The pupils in 6SO learnt all about the charity and the people that it supports and were asked to present their learning however they wished. As you can see, some pupils selected to present their learning to the class using Google Slides, others created fantastic posters and we even had some superb poetry!

Silent Discussions

This week we have experimented with ‘Silent discussions’.
The children had to decide whether a word was either positive or negative. In our silent discussion the children were free to move around the room and write their thoughts next to the word, enabling all children to have a voice.
3HJ really enjoyed trialing this method of learning and it will definitely be used in the future.

Beautiful mini beast art work taking shape

This week, the children have worked hard to produce a first draft of their chosen mini beast art work to go along with their non chronological report. Together, the artwork and the writing will form the children’s final product for their expedition. In order to draw this, they needed to use and apply the skills they have been taught previously; thinking about aspects such as tone, shading and shape. After producing the draft, they critiqued each others work where they will use this feedback to attempt the second draft next week. If it’s anything to go by the first piece, then the results of the second attempt should be even more outstanding than the first. Well done to all!